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Brighid was my postpartum doula after the birth of our daughter, Zoe. I hired Brighid  because she seemed highly knowledgeable, down-to-earth, caring, and nurturing. Boy, was I correct in this assessment and I'm so glad that she was with us for the first few weeks post-partum. Brighid was extremely well-attuned to my needs and to those of our newborn, Zoe, and our household. She was an unobtrusive but warm presence who helped us learn the basics of newborn care and who assisted me in my recovery from a c-section. She has great energy, is extremely professional and I highly recommend her!


Brighid impressed me right off the bat with her professional but very friendly demeanor and high level of preparedness. She takes her position seriously in the best possible way. Throughout the entire process, she was organized, thoughtful, fun, and extremely knowledgeable. Thankfully I had a great birth experience overall, in no small part thanks to Brighid’s support. With her help, we boosted my confidence that things would turn out alright and instilled in me a positivity that I really needed. She communicates very well too. I appreciated her help enormously and will miss her!


Where do I start?!? When I found Brighid I was a nervous new mom of 2 month old twins. I wish I would have reached out for Brighid earlier but honestly I didn't realize doulas help after birth?! Brighid has been such a huge help to our family but especially me. She is constantly offering resources and is always so respectful of my parenting style. Having Brighid in your home is like having your sister over. You don't feel the need to entertain her, how it often feels when you have people over. She also makes you feel like everything you're going through will be okay. She has no problem holding your hand through it all. Brighid is great with babies and has so much great advise to offer! If you have the chance to hire Brighid, do it! You won't be disappointed!! 


I'm so happy I used Brighid as my birth doula! I knew I wanted a doula, so I'd have someone who'd had training and was in my corner to support me during labor and delivery. She is attentive, warm, kind, calming, and incredibly knowledgable!  Brighid taught my husband and I some very useful comfort measures, and she was responsive and communicative as soon as we decided to hire her!  Our prenatal visits gave us a good chance to get to know each other and talk about my pregnancy and what to expect in labor, delivery, and postpartum.   I especially appreciated her professionalism, sincerity, and her work when my labor did not go according to plan, as I needed an induction.  Brighid was a clear-headed souding board, and helped to ease my anxiety.  She was encouraging and helped us anticipate what to expect, and she was amazingly helpful during the delivery!  Our postpartum visit was a comfortable space to process the ups and downs of the birth.  I wholeheartedly recommend Brighid!

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