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Let's chat and see if we'd work well together! Certifications, training and experience matters, but what matters most is that you feel comfortable with your doula. During our consult, we can chat about why you want a doula and you can ask me any questions. You don't have to come super prepared, think of it as a casual, informative conversation!


We will have one postpartum visit a week or so after you've given birth. In our postpartum visits, we will talk about newborn care tips, breastfeeding/bottle feeding, and answer any questions you have.  We will also go over your birth story, and I will make any necessary referrals. Within the first two weeks postpartum, you can also call/text/email me with any questions/comments/concerns.

I will be on call 24/7 for 2 weeks before your "due date" until baby is born. When you go into labor, I will be available for unlimited virtual support and join you in person once active labor is established.  After birth, I will help with initial postpartum support. 


We will have three prenatal appointments tailored to you and your needs.  During prenatal appointments, we will cover any questions you have, configure your birth preferences, figure out what you’re looking for in your birth and your parenthood journey, go over comfort measures, talk about postpartum care and connect you with any necessary referrals. 

As your doula, I will be available via email, text and call for any questions, comments or concerns at the start of hire. 

My  birth doula service package is $2800 and includes:

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