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postpartum DOULA SERVICES 

The postpartum period is such a delicate, special time. It requires serious downtime in order for the body to heal and for the mother and child to bond.  

I provide daytime support any day of the week. 


Each shift follows an agenda focused on re-calibration of mind and body: preparation of herbal sitz bath, herbal foot soak, followed by relaxing body work with aromatherapy, belly binding and a postpartum meal prep. Time left over will be spent tending to household needs, watching over the newborn, or demonstrating any how-tos. 

Postpartum services start at $40/ hr with 2-6 week contract options. We will meet several times a week for 3-4 hour shifts: 


  • prep of an herbal sitz bath, herbal foot soak

  • belly binding, relaxing bodywork

  • aromatherapy via oil application, diffusing 

  • prep of healing postpartum food

  • assistance with newborn care: bathing, sleeping, feeding, bonding: "How to's"

  • breastfeeding support/troubleshooting 

  • emotional support, processing

  • referrals for support groups, psychotherapy, classes, wellness, etc. 

  • light housekeeping, laundry, organizing

  • babywearing 101, cloth diaper education

  • take care of newborn so parent(s) can practice self care 

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