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Hybrid birth doula

Maybe this isn't your first rodeo, or maybe you just want a more private environment at your birth. When I work as your hybrid birth doula, we'll meet several times prenatally to develop birth preferences, discuss options, coping measures and postpartum prep. Once you're in labor, you and your partner will have virtual access to me for any questions/comments/concerns as they arise. If you'd like to add on in person labor support at home before the hospital, it can be added on for an hourly fee ($40/hr) cap at 8 hours. 

Hybrid birth doula service is $1800 and includes:

  • Three in person or zoom prenatal meetings that last 1-2 hours each

  • Access to me for questions/comments/concerns through one week postpartum

  • Advice on helpful ways to prime body for labor and birth

  • 24/7 on call phone support from 38 weeks onward for navigating labor and birth

  • Assistance on when to get to the hospital/birth center

  • Real time recommendations of best laboring positions based on contraction pattern, stage of labor, & whether you have an epidural or not 

  • Real time recommendations for best coping measures dependent on stage of labor, mobility options, etc

  • Informational and emotional support 

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