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Care Providers I Recommend

Updated: Jan 26

You deserve to LOVE your care provider. Your care provider should make you feel heard, respected and know that you're the expert in your own body. Should you choose a midwife or OB? Well, that depends on the preferences you have. Here is a great video summing up the differences and what to expect:

Homebirth Midwives/Birth Centers/Hospital based midwives:

Nancy Beyda

Chavah BenZion

Horizon Midwifery

Home Birth Service of Los Angeles

Fertile Moon Midwifery

Jessica Diggs

Los Angeles Midwives (Naomi Drucker and Lilit Sarkissian) (delivering at home and Cedars)

Birth Centers:

Born to Be Loved

Moxie Birth Center- Dr. Bente Kaiser OBGYN & Sara Howard, LM


Pure Births

Kindred Space LA

Hospital based midwives:

Eisner Midwives at Dignity Health- California Hospital Downtown LA

UCLA Midwives (UCLA Santa Monica)

Saba Melkasadik CNM (Kaiser)

Kerin Asher- Galloway (Kaiser)


Dr. Bente Kaiser (multiple locations)

Dr. Victoria Flores (home birth)

Dr. Emiliano Chavira (multiple locations)

Dr. Wendy Waldman (Cedars)

Dr. Audrey Moruzzi (Cedars)

Dr. Joana Tamayo (Huntington Hospital and Glendale Adventist)

Dr. Kelly Joy (Cedars)

Dr. Brittney Johnson (USC Verdugo Hills and Huntington Hospital)

Dr. Laila Al Marayati (USC Verdugo Hills and Huntington Hospital)

Dr. Evelyn Mitchell (USC Verdugo Hills and Huntington Hospital)

Dr. Paula Shulman (St. John's Santa Monica)

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