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Care Providers I Reccomend

Updated: Apr 13

Midwives: In no order:

Moonrise Midwifery, Jamie Hatcher CNM

Nancy Beyda

Chavah BenZion

Hayley Oaks

Home Birth Service of Los Angeles

Fertile Moon Midwifery

Jessica Diggs

Los Angeles Midwives (Naomi Drucker and Lilit Sarkissian) (delivering at home and Cedars)

Eisner Midwives at Dignity Health- California Hospital Downtown LA

OBGYNS: In no order:

Dr. Bente Kaiser (Hollywood Pres)

Dr. Audrey Moruzzi (Cedars)

Dr. Joana Tamayo (Huntington Hospital and Glendale Adventist)

Dr. Kelly Joy (Cedars)

Dr. Sarah Twogood (Cedars)

Dr. Alyssa Quimby (Cedars)

Dr. Allison Canavan (Cedars)

Dr. Brittney Johnson (USC Verdugo Hills and Huntington Hospital)

Dr. Laila Al Marayati (USC Verdugo Hills and Huntington Hospital)

UCLA Midwives (UCLA Santa Monica)

Dr. Della Fong (Huntington Hospital)

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