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Care Providers I Reccomend

Updated: Nov 4


Nancy Beyda

Hayley Oaks

Christian Toscano of Fertile Moon Midwifery

Jessica Diggs

Del Mar Birth Center


Dr. Bente Kaiser (Hollywood Pres)

Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz (Cedars)

Dr. Audrey Moruzzi (Cedars)

Dr. Joana Tamayo (USC Verdguo Hills and Glendale Adventist)

Dr. Kelly Joy (Cedar)

Dr. Sarah Twgood (Cedars)

Dr. Alyssa Quimby (Cedars)

Dr. Allison Canavan (Cedars)

Dr. Brittney Johnson (USC Verdugo Hills and Huntington Hospital)

Dr. Amanda Barnes (Huntington Hospital)

UCLA Midwives (UCLA Santa Monica)

Dr. Alice Yun (USC Verdugo Hills)

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