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newborn chart reading




"I’m so thankful for Hypnobabies empowering me to listen and follow my body’s lead while keeping my mind in a positive place. I couldn’t have asked for a better birth experience and will without a doubt be using it again."

"I envisioned my waves as a hug and blood pressure cuff, smiled after each one, and told myself I was one step closer to meeting my baby just like this course says too. I did my deep abdominal breathing, hummed, and moaned through my pressure waves as well. My birthing time was such a wonderful experience. My birthing time was amazing, natural and so empowering. I can’t stop talking about it and I owe it all to this wonderful course."

Understand your newborn on an astrological level. I will provide you with a rundown on their birth chart, including a deeper diver into their Big 3 Signs: Their Sun , Moon and Rising. The Sun sign tells us about who you are at your core and how you understand yourself. The Moon sign is how others perceive you, your emotional intelligene and 

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