Hi and welcome! 

My name is Brighid (bridge-id) Quinn. I live in Highland Park, Los Angeles, and serve the greater surrounding area as a birth and postpartum doula with pragmatic, calm care. I value evidence and do not subscribe to fear based, interventionist maternity care. I champion physiological birth and hope to guide my clients to trust their innate birthing abilities. 



Whether I serve as your birth or postpartum doula, I will provide you with continuous physical, emotional and informational support. I've worked with clients falling under the following categories: unmedicated births, low intervention births, VBAC, twins/multiples, home birth, birthing center births, high risk, solo/choice parents.

 "People have been giving birth physiologically since before they told us birth was dangerous and needed to be treated like an illness. Physiological birth has been around a hell of a lot longer and it's not going anywhere. Because it's within us." - Flor Cruz