My Virtual Doula Service package is $1200 and includes:

  • Complimentary e-meeting so we can get to know one another and understand needs/expectations.

  • Two prenatal appointments on Zoom in which we will go over your birth preferences/plan, comfort measures, coping techniques, laboring/birth positions, your choices/options to make informed decisions and postpartum planning.

  • Tips and documents for how partner can best support you during labor. 

  • Unlimited text/call support during normal business hours from pregnancy-postpartum.

  • 24/7 on call support from 38 weeks onward. 

  • Support during your birth via call/text/Facetime in which I can answer any questions, make suggestions for comfort measures and positions, educate on any interventions, coach  partner. 

  • Two weeks of postpartum text/email/call support.

When several of my friends that live in other states expressed that they wish I could be their doula, I decided to start offering virtual doula services. I also came across folks who lived in areas that may not have any doulas local to them, or couples that wanted support but wanted their environment to be more private at the birth. 

As your virtual doula, I'm like your best friend (who happens to be educated in pregnancy, birth and postpartum) who you can text and call with any questions, comments and concerns but without the anxiety of being bothersome. I'm also able to approach your pregnancy and birth as someone who is experienced in supporting many pregnant persons through this time. I won't be drawing solely from one  pregnancy and birth experience and trying to apply it to your own. Everyone's pregnancy and birth is unique!